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Work With Me

Do you need to reach a global audience to promote your product, services or site?

I am a:


(I speak & write English, Spanish, French, Italian and German)

Travel Writer



Social Media Influencer.

Let’s work together!

I can help you by doing the following:

Create Strategic Content

I can weave stories about your product or services

Participate in Marketing/Social Media Campaigns

Let me help you with your marketing strategy and Social Media Campaigns by diffusing your messages

Organize Giveaways/Promotions

Do you want to reach new audiences? Introduce them to your company?  We can give away a product or service or offer them a special promotion.

As per FCC requirements, a disclosure should and will accompany blog or social media posts which will reflect my points of view and photographs will be included as well as promotion on my Social Media platforms.

Product/Service/Property Review

I can provide an unbiased, honest opinions along with images,  of products, services or properties that may seem interesting and of good value to my readers.

Twitter Party/Chats

Get to know your existing or future customers by interacting with them during a fun 30 minute or an hour long chat.

You can ask what they like about your company or products or let them know more about what you offer! A specific hashtag (provided by you) can be used to track engagement (mentions, reach, impressions etc).

Press/Fam Trips

Do you need to promote a destination, airline, cruise, business, tour, event, service?

I am available to travel anywhere in the world. All costs must be covered.

In return I offer the following:

Professional Service before, during and after the trip (custom or group trips)

Multi-lingual live coverage (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

High Quality Images (both for Social Media and in the blog posts)

Honest Reviews

Follow Up and List of Publications

PR/Marketing Companies

Please note that I do NOT work for free. If you are looking for free promotion or send free products in exchange of a review for a thank you in exchange, I am not interested.

I am sure you do not offer free work or a simple thank you for your prestigious clients right? I really hope not.

Have any questions?

Do you need to find out more about how we can collaborate?

Send me an email with detailed instructions or what exactly you are looking for or have to offer.

I am looking forward to reading from you 🙂